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Our wondrous brother in magic

KIP CARPENTER SAID Quentin Lawrence was going to find the boy to play 'Carrot'. They saw lots of boys, but then Robin came in for his audition and Quentin looked at Kip and Kip looked at Quentin and they both said, "THAT'S HIM, WE HAVE OUR CARROT!". 

He was, they said head and shoulders above all the others in his talent, and he had had such a naturalness about him that he stood out from everyone else. He was a marvellous young actor, his comic timing was spot on and he was the perfect foil for Geoffrey's Catweazle. - how right they were!

Our Wondrous Brother In Magic

Robin was a wonderful man; he was modest, gentle, caring, funny, friendly and very talented. We loved him of course as Carrot, but there was much more to him than that. When we first contacted him to join us at the Catweazle fete at Hexwood, he was amazed that we wanted him to join us. He said at the time "they won't want to see me - they will want to see Carrot and I'm now a middle-aged, balding bloke!" No we said, we want to see and talk to the man that gave us so much pleasure, fun and joy all those years ago and we want to thank him for it and share our own memories with him.

When he arrived that first year, he was so surprised, firstly, by the volume of people at the event and secondly by the warm welcome he in particular had received. He told me afterwards that he couldn't believe the reception he had been given. People had given him gifts of wine and chocolate, and they had unashamedly told him of their love for him. He had been very touched by it all, and was a little emotional I think also, he was grateful to know that after all these years that he finally knew just what Catweazle still meant to people and that he was indeed very much part of that success. After that first appearance he was very keen to join us again, which he did for another three fabulous years, and for this we will be eternally grateful.


Robin was very proud of his Welsh roots, and it was very fitting that he was buried amongst the daffodils on St. David's day.